The Woman Within - Moving from Weight Loss to Well Being
For some weight loss is a temporary process of getting rid of five or ten unwanted pounds. For me, weight and the need to lose it, has been an ever present fact of life. Sometimes a shameful secret best locked away, sometimes the focus of my time and energy. Where I was in the weight cycle defined what I did, how I interacted with the world around me and, more importantly, how I felt about being me. If weight was the enemy, food was my friend. My need to eat had very little to do with fuelling my body and a whole lot to do with finding comfort in a world that could be so judgemental. I chose to ignore the obvious connection between food the friend and weight the enemy. Why give up food when there were other things like genetics, big bones, stress and anxiety to blame?

I came by my love affair with food and my struggle with weight honestly, carrying on a tradition perfected by my mom who was put on her first diet at the age of six. Mom’s own journey took her from anorexia and bulimia to hopeless resignation at being permanently and seriously overweight.

We tried every weight loss program going. Joining another diet program became an annual event. There was nothing inherently wrong with any of these programs. They just didn’t work for us.

In June 2010 I started with Ideal Protein at the recommendation of a friend who had had great success. In the intervening months I have lost 150 pounds, opened two of my own Ideal Protein practices and am learning how to replace the food – weight fixation with a new understanding and respect for healthy eating for a healthy body. It’s not always easy but this time I am going to keep on going, a day at a time, and I will get there.

As for Mom, she’s been on her own Ideal Protein journey and has gone from a size 20 to a size 10. We’re in this together and we’re in this for good.

I look forward to sharing your journey with you!

- Jenn
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